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Entertainment Underground is an insightful magazine that recognizes the new upcoming entertainers. It is tilted Entertainment Underground because it focuses on catering to the underground movement. The Atlanta based magazine was created for the purpose of covering and promoting the urban underground music movement of Hip-hop since its absolutely essential in making it into mainstream. The magazine gives the serious entertainers a chance to shine in the entertainment industry because most new artists are not widely observed.

1. How can I get the Magazine? We Normally pick artist based on there following but we accept different artist by sending the following to :

– Name, Contact Info, Music Link

2. If I sent the following information, will I automatically be chosen? No, we choose based on the following as well as how the quality of the song

3. How Often do your magazine come out? Quarterly, so that’s 4 Issue a year. (printed) and 4 digital issues a year (online ONLY)

4. Is this magazine just for rappers? No, this magazine is for all entertainers. (Rappers, Singers, Poets, Actors/Actress, etc.)

5. Where can we get a copy of the Magazine ?

Contact us for more information…..

Our office address
P.O Box 161785
Atlanta, Ga 30321
Tel: 6786835420

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