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Nick Gordon’s Brother clear up information about Nick stealing Bobbi Kristina’s money

Bobbi-Kristina-Bro_1628937a A few weeks ago, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s legal guardian filed a civil lawsuit against Nick Gordon accusing him of physical abuse and theft.

Nick’s brother, aspiring rapper Jack Walker, explains the reason behind the missing money and Bobbi Kristina’s missing teeth…

Jack tells Star Magazine

“The $11,000 Nick transferred paid for his 10 lawyers. He didn’t just steal it; Whitney left them both money, and he and Krissi had a joint account.”

…and about the accusations Nick dragged Bobbi Kristina by her hair and knocked out her teeth Jack claims,

“That’s all bulls**t. If that was true, the cops would have noticed visible injuries on Nick’s hands. He had none. Krissi lost some teeth a week prior to the incident when she totaled her Lexus. “